Games On The Go For Kids!

When you are traveling with kids, for cross country trips, visiting a relative, or simply going to the mall, there are times when you need them distracted long enough so that you can have some peace and quiet. Thankfully, the modern world has provided you access to some really good flash games that you can play on your phone, which can keep children preoccupied.

There are so many of these games to choose from as well, with some titles helping children learn complicated skills like programming or how to build a website. If those things don’t interest you, however, you can always check out the one best resources on the web right now.


Marvel Kids Games

When looking for a great resource for some truly engaging and distracting games for your children, look no further than the illustrious collection that Marvel Kids has. It’s got some truly phenomenal titles that are almost all connected to the Marvel superhero universe in some way or another. For your toddlers or prepubescent offspring who are fans of Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman and a bunch of other characters, no other resource could be more suitable to keep them from disturbing you.


Nickelodeon Games

If your children are less interested in superheroes and are more into characters like SpongeBob, you might want to give Nickelodeon games a shot. The site has some amazing choices of games that can include puzzle games, platformers and so much more. If you truly want to kids preoccupied, what better way than to have them play as their favorite character from that channel that always drives you crazy?


Disney Games

Same with Nickelodeon, Disney has some pretty interesting flash games to offer as well. Thanks to the succeeding movies and characters that the company has introduced over the years, there are more than enough choices in genres to look into so that your road trip will go smoothly and quietly. Just be careful about how addicted your kids get to these games, though.

For parents of children of any age, these resources are invaluable. Check out some good tech blog reviews to see more choices.



  1. I guess boys are way much different with their choice of games. My son is an avid fan of App Games while my daughter loves her Flash games. We are just lucky to have plenty of choices for them to play with. Thanks for this amazing post!

  2. Harry

    Thank you for this very helpful post! My daughter loves to play Zelda before, now she’s into Disney Games! I wonder what’s next on video gaming. The kids have so much fun with so many choices available. 🙂

  3. Mathilda

    My 6 year-old Abby loves her Disney Games a lot. She’s always playing with her iPad and is very peaceful during those periods. I can do other chores without being interrupted. 🙂

  4. My kids usually get excited during travel. That’s the time they are allowed to play their android and smartphones! I guess it’s amazing how technology has covered a lot of our free time these days.

    • Kids having a smartphone is always a bad idea. There are lots of games and enjoyable activites that kids can enjoy without having to rely on flash games LOL

  5. My 5 year old now does not want to play games on her ipad. She watched a documentary feature that says too much playing games on ipads can cause your brain to shrink. She does not want her brain to shrink, that’s why she just play now with her dolls instead LOL


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