Flash Games for Workaholics

There are so many games in the world right now and they come in different formats. For those who are spending a lot of time in the office, in front of their computer and in need of getting rid of stress, flash games are some of the best options around. Today, we’ll be looking at some of the best flash games that you can browse online, just in case your bid to buy website traffic or something is getting stale.

Now, it’s worth noting that flash games are basically media that you can play via browsers. These are different from apps, which are their own different entity.

Yes, everyone knows and understands the honest trouble you have and experience with boredom. Being bored may at times affect your productivity, but you don’t really have to feel too guilty if you’re bored. The truth is, boredom happens to and strikes anyone, so if you’re feeling bored, you’re not the only one. But apart from playing free flash games, you can try transforming your own work into fun.

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Daymare Town SeriesDmt

If you are a huge fan of puzzle games, creepy atmosphere, and the kind of chilling music to make the hair on your arms abandon ship, Daymare Town Series is the game for you. This title is an absolute gem of a time waster and doesn’t really require much from the players. The objective is to escape the town you’re in by clicking on a bunch of clues.


Karoshi Suicide Salaryman

In contrast to the first game, you’re looking at one of the funniest video games you could play on your PC for free. Karoshi Suicide Salaryman is basically about a regular salaryman in Japan called Karoshi who wants to commit suicide. Your mission is to provide Karoshi with the most creative and memorable ways of taking his life. It takes a serious issue and puts an irreverent spin to it.


Crash Planning

As probably the most suitable game to play during work hours, Crash Planning makes it look as if you’re working on a spreadsheet when, in reality, you’re playing a game. The objective is to align boxes with the same colors and eliminate them from the sheet. It’s a bit like Tetris in this regard. Incredibly fun and complex enough to spend hours on.


Snow Line

When playing Snow Line, you are basically trying to get Santa Clause to where he needs to go by drawing lines of snow for his sleigh to slide on. You need to be careful about the angle and length of the lines, however, as the sleigh could speed up. If Santa goes too fast, he loses control and you have on dead Christmas in your hands.


The Maze

The MazeFinally, we have one of the most disturbing flash games in the business called The Maze. Based on the book with the same name, players need to find their way home by choosing from a selection of doors. You basically need to go from page 1 to 45, choosing the shortest routes available. Be careful going into this, though. It can leave you scarred.

So, there you have it. Whenever you need to take a break doing calculations, finding cheap website traffic or generate targeted traffic your website, or just talking to your co-workers, you can try these games out. Just be careful not to get caught, though, since you are liable to endanger your job. Your Boss will not be as kind as the person you might like to think him to be.  Then again, this might be the ultimate stress remover, if only for a little while.



  1. I liked playing flash games! Though I don’t really go the extra mile to log on specific sites. I play right there on Google browser! LOL

  2. Me too! I just play right there at the browser. No more scanning which flash games sites has much cooler games or graphics! 🙂

  3. Dmitry

    Thanks. It is useful info.

  4. Sheena

    I am a big fan of free flash games. I do play Snow Line and Daymare Town. Thanks for sharing this post. 🙂

  5. Annie

    I like the flash games Stick Run! It happened to be the first flash games I kinda get addicted to 🙂 I just love the simple concept of this game.

  6. Branden

    I have realized some important things through your blog post. One other subject I would like to convey is that there are numerous games available and which are designed particularly for preschool age youngsters. They involve pattern acknowledgement, colors, wildlife, and forms. These usually focus on familiarization in lieu of memorization. This makes little children occupied without having a sensation like they are learning. Thanks

  7. Workaholics don’t have time to play games. I think the culture of workaholics do not allow them to spend time playing on their phones LOL

  8. Flash games are easy to play and is very light on the memory of my phone.

  9. Brianna

    Really? Games for workaholics? They don’t play games LOL

  10. We need someone with experience to say for sure that this advises are indeed workable.


    thank you for sharing. what’s next?


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